Synopsis: Selfcontrolfreak’s daily life is structured according to a regulated system of operations as he continues to wait, caught between love and abandonment. His sense of security starts to diminish as outside interference increasingly takes over.

The viewer plays an active role, and is responsible for the development of the story.

Duration 50 minutes (5 episodes of 10 minutes),
language Dutch, English subtitles

Written and directed by Selfcontrolfreak, Cast: Melle Smets (postman), Pascal de Man (pixelshop owner), Selfcontrolfreak.

Art direction: Daphne Heemskerk, Director of photography: Dave Vriens, Coding: Pascal de Man, Reinier Feijen, Music composer: Robert Kroos, Visual Effects: Michiel Sturm, Sound recordist: Jorrit Spoelstra Ewoud Zimmermann, Photography: Aad Hoogendoorn

Special thanks to: Arjen de Jong, Baschz Leeft, Nadia Palliser, Deanna Herst, The SingerSweatShop, De Witte Slagerij.

Premiere at: V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media during IFFR 2012.

This project was made possible by the Fonds BKVB.

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Presentation & screening at Graphic Design Festival Breda 2012